The Master of Arts Program in Media and Communication Systems with thesis is a 4 semesters, without thesis is a 3 semesters.

MA with thesis: In the first two semesters of the program, students have to take the following courses: Media Theory I & II, Seminar I & II and either Quantitative Research Methods or Qualitative Research Methods. In addition to these obligatory courses, students have to take four elective courses. Two of these elective courses have to be MED courses while the other two can be from any other graduate program at BİLGİ. In addition to the courses it offers, the Master of Arts Program in Media and Communication Systems encourages its students to take courses from different fields because of the multidisciplinary nature of media studies. Students who complete their coursework can start writing their thesis from the third semester onwards.

MA with project: The same coursework structure delineated above also applies to this option. Students who enroll in this program take the Seminar I & II courses in order to create media content in a different structure. In their third semester students take the Media Workshop course and with this, they start to work on their MA Project. In the context of Media Workshop and MA Project courses the students are directed towards suitable Program Partners and finish their projects in these institutions. The MA Project is presented both as media content and a written project report. After defending their project in front of a jury, the students gain the right to get their MA degree.

Courses are conducted on weekdays, core courses between the hours of 19:00-22:00, elective courses between the hours of 15:00-18:00 or 19:00-22:00.