Eyes on Media

Our Master of Arts Program in Media and Communication Systems with thesis (English) program was established in 2009-2010 academic year, in order to analyze, understand, and criticize media-society relations both in local and global scales.

Our main goal is to render Media and Communication Systems MA Program into a center in which high quality academic works are produced while conveying it beyond the borders of academy, opening it to the world.

Graduates of  the program will;

  • Display critical, anlaytical, and creative thinking skills,
  • Become familiar with the inter-disciplinary social sciences literature with a specific focus on media theories,
  • Interpret societal, political, economic, and cultural events from an academic media research perspective,
  • Be able to explain how digital technologies have transformed media and communication systems at global, national, and local level,
  • Be skilled and competent in qualitative and quantitative research methods and techniques,
  • Display advanced academic writing skills in both English and Turkish as required by the discipline,
  • Become capable of designing and conducting independent research in the field of media and communication,
  • Be able to follow and contribute to national and international publications in media research areas,
  • May relate media studies to social and cultural topics such as gender, cultural studies, ethics, cyber-culture and political economy.

Besides academic courses, students who are accepted to our master degree program are also provided with opportunities to generate extracurricular creative media productions in İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communications studios.

Our programme, is located in our ‘Santral Campus’, that offers variety of international opportunities to our students through Laureate International Universities Network and extensive ERASMUS connections.