Why m&is?

Why should I apply to Media and Communication Systems (M&CS) MA Program?

  • Currently I am working in a media organization and I want to make a career move here.
  • My main career objective is to become an academician. Thus I would like to do Ph.D. in one of the fields like media, communication, sociology, political science...
  • I want to analyse, understand and critique Turkish and global media in a research-based program.
  • I want to do research, write articles. I want to publish my works establishing strong connections with domestic and global media.
  • I am working in a non-media field in a state or private organization but I would like to make a career in the media/communication department of my institution.
  • I want to be in an international program having strong academic exchanges with other MA programs at Bilgi University Santral Campus, and work one-to-one with those whom I have the chance to watch at the media everyday.
  • I am interested in the web-based new media structures which are becoming an ever increasing field of employment and get a job there.
  • I plan a career in advertisment firms, media offices, public relations and/or research units of public or private organizations.
  • I want to build a career in the media/communication/research unit of the NGO I am interested in.
  • I want to increase my chances to find a job in the media sector.
  • I believe that media is a very powerful social mechanism. I am a person eager to learn, interested in social events and processes...
  • I would like to specialize in media and communication studies to plan my future career within these fields.
  • I just want to be in an international network university and discover the oportunities that this environment could offer me on the global scale.